The Dynamo roadmap contains several exciting developments over the next few months. These developments require careful planning and consideration on economic impacts and the future direction and price structure of the coin. …


Dynamo is a unique cryptocurrency blockchain project which seeks to incorporate a number of unique technologies. Dynamo is first and foremost a proof of work blockchain secured by an ASIC proof algorithm.

Future development items for Dynamo include native NFT support, a native custom virtual machine, on chain voting…


Due to the massive growth in popularity of Dynamo mining, it became necessary to implement a mining pool. Small solo miners were no longer to mine any substantive number of blocks which was leading to centralization and frustration among early adopters.

Mining pools allow many users to group their…


NFT’s (non fungible tokens) have recently gained popularity as an alternative asset class, particularly among the art world. What seems to be currently lacking is a coherent NFT technology platform which allows for on-chain storage of artwork files and a consolidated, simple interface for market participants to meet and…


In this article I will will detail the implementation of the Dynamo programmable proof of work system and its novel consensus based update mechanism.

Progpow is not new and many projects have somewhat successfully used it to deter, but not eliminate, ASIC mining. One notable exception is Monero, however…

Shaun Neal

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